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Sarah Rada

By Melody Greene

Sarah Alicia Rada, 21, is a native of Seattle and a rising senior at Syracuse University, double majoring in English and textual studies, and psychology. She is heavily involved in many organizations at Syracuse including The Daily Orange, the student newspaper; 20 Watts, a student music magazine; and WAER radio, a station on campus.

Sarah’s goal is to be a graphic designer for a major newspaper or magazine. Her interest in journalism began with a love of communication design.

“As a designer I am responsible for encouraging and helping readers understand an article,” she said. “My work as a visual journalist makes me feel like I’m directly improving society because I’m helping to distribute trustworthy news into the world.”

She said she wanted to use her “skills and passion to design for something that has the opportunity to change and help people.”

“Designing for a newspaper or magazine gives me that ability because it allows me to contribute to the spread of reliable information, therefore enhancing knowledge and inspiring change,” Sarah said.

Through journalism, Sarah hopes to give a platform to minorities and people who may be overlooked in the media.

"I would love to contribute towards making their voices and their stories shared,” she said.

This spring, Sarah studied abroad in London.

Sarah said she planned to take a gap year to travel after finishing her undergraduate education, and then attend graduate school for graphic design.

Photo by Ivan Armando Flores/NYT Institute

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