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Bianca Theodore

By Gabriella N. Báez

Bianca Theodore is a 21-year-old multimedia journalism student at Georgia State University from Atlanta. Her interest in reporting began at her high school newspaper, The Tribal Times.

Among the topics she covers is the intersection of political, social and economic issues, and how they affect minorities and marginalized communities. She is passionate about social justice and relates personally to the topics she covers.

Throughout her career so far, she has written many stories. But one stands out above the rest. In 2018, she worked directly with students known as Dreamers, who had been affected by increasing restrictions in immigration policies. She believes that it is crucial to cover social justice with a complete understanding of how the law works, so she intends to combine law with journalism. Upon finishing her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue a law degree.

At Georgia State University, Bianca has worked as a reporter at the official student newspaper, The Signal, and at another student publication, Panther Report News. She also worked as a reporter with the Georgia News Lab, where she looked into campaign finances of Georgia’s congressional candidates and filed a statewide open records request. As her final investigative project, she helped write a story on tax commissioners. She has also interned at Imprint Entertainment and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

In 2017, she won second place in the Best Entertainment Story category from the Georgia College Press Association annual contest, for a piece about teenage survivors of AIDS.

This summer, Bianca will intern as an investigative reporter at WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Photo by Lynda M. Gonzalez/NYT Institute

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