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Kate Hidalgo Bellows

By Malak Silmi

For many people, choosing the right career path may take years of trial and error. But for Kate Hidalgo Bellows, journalism has been her dream since she was a child.

Kate, 21, who is from Fairfax, Va., grew up hearing her father’s stories about his time as a journalist during college. At 9, she produced a family newspaper called The Bellows Times and reported on her yellow Labrador Retriever, Hannah.

Her days as the copy and managing editor of her high school paper were jam-packed with writing, editing, photography and reporting.

Kate, now a senior news writer for The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia, is entering her senior year majoring in political philosophy, policy and law and English.

Although her dream of being a journalist was established, Kate’s writing interests were changed when she joined her college newspaper.

“Until my freshman year of college, when I was coaxed into joining the news section of The Cavalier Daily instead of the opinion section, I thought I wanted to pursue editorial writing,” she said. “Now, my heart lies in impact journalism.”

Her reporting focuses on public safety and crime, but she wants to report on gun violence and mental health in the future.

Kate, who identifies as a Jewish Cuban-American woman, also hopes to advocate for journalists in Cuba who face restrictions on speech and the press.

This summer, Kate will intern at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa.

“Being a Latina and female journalist, I have had to work especially hard to ensure my ideas are heard,” she said. “In a way, I think this has made me a more astute journalist.”

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