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Melody Greene

By Sarah Rada

Melody Greene aspires to become a broadcast reporter.

“I believe that media is a powerful tool to spread positive change across the world,” Melody, 21, said. “Journalists are given a platform to tell stories that have the potential to spark empathy between communities, and I want to be a part of the field that connects people through storytelling.”

To achieve her goal, Melody, a rising senior at Spelman College, is involved in several journalism organizations. She is an intern for The Spelman Messenger, the alumnae magazine; the arts and entertainment anchor for Maroon Tiger TV; a member of the National Association of Black Journalists; and a member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists in her hometown.

Melody also interned for CNBC’s “Fast Money” and wrote for College Magazine.

Melody said she hopes to become a journalist to tell the stories of people who are unable to do so themselves.

She is also passionate about following the news and writing because it allows her to share her thoughts and stories.

Melody spent last semester in London and Paris studying journalism. She said studying abroad put her outside her comfort zone and gave her the opportunity to learn about other cultures, which she plans to continue in her career. She said it also gave her a stronger sense of pride in her identity as a black American and a greater appreciation for diversity and other cultures.

“I want to be the type of journalist that can adapt to any new environment, talk to any person and go anywhere for the sake of a great story,” she said.

Melody said she applied to The New York Times Student Journalism Institute because it would be a great opportunity to further her journalism experience. At the institute, Melody wants to improve her storytelling by writing more compelling, interesting and empathetic stories.

Photo by Gabriella N. Báez/NYT Institute